Kyle Johnson is a musician and filmmaker whose work is presented internationally.

He performs at venues across North America, from institutions such as Harvard University, New York City's Abrons Arts Center, and the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, to the dive bar three blocks from his home. He works with leading figures in contemporary music (JACK, Mivos, Miranda Cuckson), Jazz (Craig Taborn, Mark Dresser, Nicole Mitchell), and Popular Music (Julion Alvarez, Eliseo Robles, Pedro Rivera). He develops innovative creative technologies and techniques in residencies with institutions such as the Qualcomm Institute and the Seoul Arts Academy. 

In addition to his interdisciplinary artwork, he directs documentary films focusing on the intersection of music and contemporary social issues in Mexico and the United States. His documentary feature illuminating 21st Century experimental music for a wider audience will be released by Neuma in late 2019, and his work on John Cage has been collected by the Library of Congress.   




Still is a musical-cinema work created in collaboration with the Qualcomm Institute.




M. is a 10-minute violin solo with tape composed for and premiered by Miranda Cuckson.


I'm not really much of a talker.


I'm not really much of a talker is a one man music-theater piece. Each performance includes different songs and is configured for different durations.


String Quartet


String Quartet is a five movement work developed in collaboration with the JACK Quartet and premiered by the Mivos Quartet.


Trailer for Y Así Suena


Y A Suena is a documentary on Regional Mexican Music featuring interviews with the genre's most significant figures such as Julión Álvarez, Pedro Rivera, Eliseo Robles, Antonio Tanguma, Juan Carlos Ramirez Pimienta and Banda Machos.