String Quartet

String Quartet is a five movement work developed in collaboration with the JACK Quartet and premiered by the Mivos Quartet.

The first movement, a cello solo, begins tentatively, with increasing intensity as the soloist’s emotional commitment to the music grows.

The second movement echoes the first harmonically, but affectively is a complete contrast, with all four player sounding cold, mechanical, and bloodless. Occasional intense interruptions punctuate the movement.

The third movement, a trio, is assertive and forceful, with three players playing frequently in unison with occasional deviations.

The fourth movement begins during the third. An emotionally strident but technically simple line extends beyond the end of the trio’s unisons.

Finally, the fifth movement is an open, fragmentary, and unsettled.

Included below is a link to the score and a recording of the Mivos Quartet’s premiere performance at June in Buffalo.